Men's Soccer adds GPS Devices

Men's Soccer adds GPS Devices

Sheridan College Men’s Soccer is excited to announce a partnership with Playertek by Catapult to bring GPS and performance tracking devices to their program. Mostly used by professional or top collegiate teams, (Wake Forrest, Liverpool FC, etc) Playertek can track distance, speed, power, work ratios, player loads, and many other metrics to ensure athletes reach peak performance during competition.

Coach Starr shares the impacts this new technology will have on the team.

Adding Playertek to our program allows our coaching staff to monitor our training and match load to ensure maximum performance on game day, peridisation of training sessions, and injury prevention. Furthermore we can break down our sessions or matches to see what levels the players are hitting, at what times, and adjust as needed. Playertek gives us readouts about each player that we can compare in several ways evaluate our program and the fitness levels of our players.

From a player development standpoint, each player will have a login to see their training for that day. Part of athletic development is reflection, and with each player being able to see their scores after sessions or games they can see if they are hitting their marks. Players coming from a club or high school environment haven’t been asked to play for 90 minutes at a higher tempo. This tool will show players their work loads and show the differences in levels at a collegiate program. Alongside this, we can share our athletes metrics with 4-year institutions to see if they are ready from a physiological standpoint to impact their teams.

Finally adding Playertek devices to our athletes brings accountability and honesty to our trainings and matches. As we always say “Film doesn’t lie” and the data we will receive from these devices doesn’t lie either. We can use the objective data daily to see if players are hitting their marks and getting better throughout the year. If a player drops off in a session that targets a red flag and we can check in with that athlete and find the reason for the lower marks. This brings a training atmosphere that is second to none, and constantly monitors the progress of our athletes to prepare them for matches and the next level after their time at Sheridan College.

Bringing Playertek to Sheridan College is massive for our program and the future of our players. We are the only college athletic team in the region to use these devices (including 4 year universities) and are only 1 of 15 junior colleges in the country to use GPS tracking devices. Undoubtedly the use of this technology in partnership with Playertek will bring a new level of training and athletic performance to our program and aid in our pursuit of Championships at Sheridan College.